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Our Process

Our process:

1) One of our experts will visit your home and take measurements of the area(s) you would like your grass laid

2) A range of grasses will be brought along, and you will be able to choose the one that best suits your requirements

3) A quote will then be sent within two days of our visit

4) Upon agreeing the quote, we are usually able to schedule the work within 4 weeks


Our construction methods:

Replacing existing grass

1) We remove your existing turf to an industry standard depth and dispose of the arising waste

2) We will then prepare the area and work out levels

3) If necessary, wooden shuttering will be installed around the perimeter of your lawn. We also install metal edging systems where a curved edge is required.

4) In some instances a drainage system may be installed (this is usually only for areas suffering from drainage problems)

5) A type 1 mot hardcore sub-base will be installed and levelled with a compactor

6) Sharp sand will then be brought in and compacted to create the best level

7) A geotextile membrane will laid as an extra guard against weeds

8) Your chosen artificial grass will be laid and secured in place


Laying on an existing hard area such as a patio, concrete base or decking

1) We will prepare the area in question. In some cases, such as patios, we will drill holes into the patio to allow for drainage

2) We will then clean the area ready for laying (it is important for the existing surface to be clean to allow for good adhesion)

3) A shock mat will then be laid (this helps with regularising any bumps and holes in the existing surface)

4) Your chosen grass will then be fitted and fastened using a specialist professional adhesive